It is a Don Wiley of Kyle, Texas- Wiley 101 BBQ Smoker Pit Trailer small, but can smoke up to 6 turkeys.

Wiley 101</strong/> BBQ Smoker Pit Trailer” /></p>
<p>Barbecue pit with one doors. Each pit is excellent for grilling your favorite meat and offers long-lasting heat and smoke with less wood.</p>
<p>The Wiley Bar-B-Q Pits My Job Is The Pits # 101 – 1 Door Custom BBQ Pits options include:</p>
<li>Free-Flowing Smoke</li>
<li>Heat Diverters for Even Cooking</li>
<li>Raised Grills for Easy Cleaning</li>
<li>Drain toward Fire Box – Air Controls at Box & Exhaust</li>
<li>Steam System Keeps Meat Moist</li>
<li>Protected Rear Tail Lights</li>
<li>Start Fire & Maintain Heat with Log Light• Swing Shelves with Towel Rack & Hooks</li>
<li>Shelves at Fire Box, or Burners Available</li>
<li>Temperature Gauge</li>
<li>Sausage Rack</li>
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Murphy’s Custom BBQ Pits & Trailers of Austin, Texas, specializes in custom barbecue pits for clients. Our family-owned business and second-generation pit builder carries on the work and designs of D. Wiley, who built and sold well over 1,000 pits. We build pits, smokers, corn roasters, and etc. You name it we build it. We also build a well balanced heavy duty trailer that is durable and goes with every pit.