Kindling Natural Wood firestarter to be used as fire starter for Firewood and starting fires with chimineas, solo stove, bonfire, fire pit, fire place, gas or log heat, propane type of fuel to start. Also good for smokers, BBQ, bar b que, bar-b-que, type of wood and firewood for smoke or smokeless Winter heat or fun and indoor or outdoor enjoyment in any season!

  • $20 Kindling – Full 25 gallon poly blue or black molasses cattle cow buckets Kindling (around 20lbs or so…).
  • $10 Kindling – Half or Partial 25, like 12 gallons of the gallon poly blue or black molasses cattle cow buckets Kindling (around 10lbs).

Available for pickup, or meet up, or occasionally delivery depending…

Designed for grilling, roasting marshmallows, and staying warm
Mixed Oak / Post Oak pieces, parts, chunks, and bark suit dry and wet use.
Ready to Use Starter Firewood
The Perfect Size to Start Fires
All-Natural Firestarter Firewood

Kinlin wood scraps, bark parts and pieces, splinters, chunks, and small parts of wood ideal to get fires started in small

Come in our provided or your own receptacle bucket or cardboard box or boxes to hold the wood.

Blue buckets themselves also for sale for $15 each.

If you see this ad still up, then we still have plenty.


  • or Plan a time to come out to the property and visit and pickup a wheel barrow full of firewood (for firewood or BBQ smoking) for $30 (sometimes available for delivery or meet up, if you are near).


  • $10 – Full bucket of kindling firewood (like 15 gallons or so… dumped into your own receptacle (box or bucket) – [Pickup only]
  • $15 – extra to deliver
  • $15 extra for blue bucket

Can sell bundles of wood, too $10-$25 for pickup mostly.

We also sell smoker stove firewood for cooking or burning, please see our other CL ads or website below:
Texas Butcher Paper

Please see please see “more ads by this user” for Split Seasoned Post Oak Firewood and/or renting BBQ pits.
As this comes free with purchase of Post Oak wood.

By comparison, on

  • 20 lbs box of Kindling is $58 +tax
  • 10 lbs box of Kindling is $27.95 +tax